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— GPS/GLONASS tracker for water transport

In the 2010 the routes of the four new kind of urban taxis have been fully approved. They will work on the canals and rivers of St. Petersburg. In 2011, it was already planned to introduce eight popular routes, which will significantly relieve the passenger traffic to popular destinations in the navigation period from April 28 to November 1. In addition, there are thousands of small vessels, ranging from standard water-buses and finishing with respectable boats and yachts in our city. Certainly, organizations engaged in the carriage of passengers and freight water transport care about the safety of their vessels and are interested in monitoring the location and movement parameters of their vessels.

GPS / GLONASS-tracker «AQUA-LINE» can become optimal solution to control your vessels. The system is made in shockproof, waterproof housing. You can choose the system depending on the required positioning accuracy and a set of parameters that must be controlled by the «principle of LEGO». Standard accessories include the ability to set an alarm button, the audio channel of communication, level sensors and fuel consumption, sensors of depth (sonar), etc. Also, you can choose the tariff to suit every taste and budget.

Industry solutions using navigation equipment «AQUA-LINE»

Passenger and freight transportation: river boats, ferries, naval ships, etc.
Sightseeing tours and transportation: water taxis, pleasure boats, river buses, «meteors»;
Scope of rest and rolling services: marinas, etc.


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