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AUTOLINE GPS / GLONASS tracker for vehicles

Satellite monitoring is the most effective tool for scheduling and control of your vehicles. So, a satellite monitoring system «TRUCK-CONTROL» was developed to solve the problem for the integrated economical management in various industries, using a variety of additional functions. Our system allows real-time monitoring of movements of the controlled vehicles, to receive the alarm signal (from the panic button), to collect information from the installed sensors as well as use the remote control of the transport. It does not require installation and constant updating of bulky software. Registered user from his or any computer with Internet access can login on our website to get comprehensive information about the movements, the location and operation of their vehicles on-line. This operating principle allows you to create an unlimited number of job opportunities for your operators, dispatchers, not being tied to a specific desktop computer, because the data is available from anywhere in the world.

The satellite monitoring of mobile objects «AUTO-LINE» solve various business problems in different industries, using ground-based vehicles:

  • Logistics and freight forwarding companies: monitoring and recording load of transport, monitoring mileage, route and fuel consumption.
  • Commercial and industrial enterprises: monitoring the fuel consumption, cost and operational management of traffic.
  • Taxi companies and public transport: control of the route and compliance schedules, passenger traffic.
  • Agro-industrial and agricultural enterprises: the control of the use of agricultural machinery and its modes of operation, location (Geo-fence).
  • Construction, road and utility services: system status and route of construction vehicles and machinery; emergency services (Police, emergency, ambulance etc.): the operational management of vehicles in real time.

The satellite monitoring of mobile objects «AUTO-LINE» can be used to help to protect your personal car and track its location in case of theft.

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