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Features of the «TRUCK-CONTROL» system

Monitoring Constellation transport «TRUCK-CONTROL» allows your company to:
  • To control the movement of vehicles in real time, watching all the parameters of the onboard systems and sensors.
  • To create control points on the route and design Geo-fence, with the ability to control their passage, in order to avoid irrational use of transport, unauthorized stoppages, trespassing of schedules and routes.
  • To record the data from onboard sensors (temperature, level and flow of fuel, axle load, tire pressure, etc), and archive data of the passed route on your request for up to 180 days. It will improve the safety of travel to avoid theft of fuel and ensure the safety of cargo;
  • To collect the statistical information for each vehicle, with the possibility of forming and printing reports (operation and status of sensors and systems for any period of time.
  • To identify the location of the vehicle in case of theft or unforeseen situations to call emergency services;
  • And much more, depending on your needs and possibilities!


The main advantage of the «TRUCK-CONTROL» system is multi-functionality – the ability to simultaneously connect the whole spectrum of specialized high-tech sensors and subsystems using various interfaces (RS232/RS485/CAN) to a dedicated tracker.

Possible subsystems

  • Tire pressure and temperature monitoring systems (TPMS);
  • control systems of cargo weight and axle load;
  • level sensors and fuel consumption;
  • temperature sensors, door opening, etc.;
  • sirens;
  • automatic transmission control relay, etc.;
  • LCD TFT displays;
  • additional equipment, controlling the position and angle of inclination (construction equipment);
  • panic button and many others.
We have an unprecedented package of tariffs, which allows to take into account the requirements of the customer for every taste and budget.


«TRUCK-CONTROL» system allows us to analyze the efficiency of a particular vehicle, to entire fleet of vehicles in general and control costs on the basis of the data.

Main features

  • tracking routes and delays of vehicles;
  • control of the vehicle of their functions;
  • tracking the implementation of the lease terms of transport, etc.;
  • analysis and control of the driver (fuel drain, theft of materials);
  • improving the quality of services for clients of your organization.

Structure and scheme

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