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«THERMOMETRICON» - monitoring the body temperature of passengers - preventive weapon against the Ebola virus

Company “R&D Group” has finished the testing of monitoring equipment under the working title «THERMOMETRICON» (Thermo Metric Connect) for fast and non-contact temperature measurement of the human body (human body thermometer) in passenger traffic. It is recommended to use to prevent the spreading of viral diseases in areas with large concentrations of people, in particular, in the junction of traffic flows – railway stations, ports, airports, to detect and prevent the unauthorized entry of virus-infected passengers coming from other countries.

According to official data of  WHO (World Health Organization), such sorts of viruses, such as H1N1 H5N1 or SARS / MERS became a pandemic in just a few months. The main reason – the lack of rapid diagnosis and, as a consequence, no actions.
Despite the ongoing work on the search for a vaccine, viruses  still infect people around the world. In 2014, his offensive against humanity began a new deadly virus of haemorrhagic fever – EBOLA.


The infection is accompanied by increasing the standard body temperature to 38 ° C … + 40 ° C. Finding people with higher than normal body temperature is  very important condition for the preservation of public health, where the virus can be spread  very quickly(schools, kindergartens, stadiums, churches, concert halls, cinemas, clubs, corporate offices, supermarkets, passenger ships, barracks and schools of the armed forces, and others.)

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