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Declaration of conformity of requirements of the Customs Union!

Declaration of conformity of requirements of the Customs Union - a document which involves the passage of a number of procedures for verifying the quality of the goods and proving the conformity to the rules.

Company "R&D Group" finished the regular certification testing of satellite terminals GLONASS / GPS system for monitoring and control of vehicles «AUTOLINE»  series  for following models: AT0285-GPS / GNSS Pro, AT0285-GPS / GNSS Pro Wi-Fi, AT2013-GPS / GNSS Lite , MP3.00-GPS / GNSS, AV2013-GPS / GNSS, AQ2013-GPS / GNSS, AA1313-GPS / GNSS, AA0313-GPS / GNSS, AA2313-GPS / GNSS, AA3012-GPS, AA3044-GPS, AA3088-GPS .

According to test results obtained the following declarations were approved:

Declaration of Conformity TC N RU D-RU.MM04.V.05807 of compliance of the product requirements of the Customs Union TR CU 004/2011 "On the safety of low voltage equipment"; TR CU 020/2011 "Electromagnetic compatibility of technical means."

This documents are included in register on the official website of RosAccreditation.

Declaration of conformity of requirements of the Customs Union gives the right to sell the GLONASS - equipment without certification procedures in countries where the law requires mandatory additional screening measures, , with no additional paperwork within the participating countries - Declaration of conformity GOST R and GOST R certificate. First of all, this clause will speed up  derivation at market of the nearest neighbors - Belarus and Kazakhstan. "R&D Group" invite to cooperation partners and integrators of this systems.

ЕАС ТС N RU D-RU.ММ04.В.05807 (1)


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