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System of electronic sealing of tank-container. How does it work?

Application  of cargo containers in 50-s has greatly simplified the handling of goods at terminals and accelerated the process of transportation.
By the early 60s container sizes have been standardized throughout the world, in accordance with ISO standards. It was approved by the ISO frame, where each corner of the container was equipped with a special fitting for easy capture of the container during loading.

     Transportation of “tank-container” is carried out on all types of transport by sea, air and road. But along with the popularity of such containers there appeared an urgent need to ensure the safety of the cargo.

     In this regard, the experts of “R&D Group”, by the request of one of the customers, began to think about the problems of monitoring. The objective is to allow consumers to receive information not only on the location of the goods, but also about the state of discharge (flood) holes and manholes.

     The main objective is automatic monitoring and controlling at the remote control station the facts of opening and closing the cover of the valve module (outlet line “tank-container” (in process box).

    Engineering Center “RD Group” is ready to discuss the necessary set of functions and parameters of the system of electronic sealing of ISO tanks with interested companies for the further development, production and promotion.

      If you would like to knew more about this system, you may contact with our specialists, or read more information here.

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