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"RD Group" participates in "Drive 5" conference!

Representatives of "RD Group" participated in the I-th professional conference of market leaders in tachographs production and vehicle monitoring, which was organized by "ATOL DRIVE" ltd. (OOO "POS System") - Russian developer and manufacturer of tachographs "Drive 5" series.

The conference was attended by leading companies in the field of GLONASS / GPS - monitoring of transport, automotive equipment manufacturers, representatives of the tachograph workshops, government representatives from more than 50 cities of the Russian Federation - more than 250 people from 100 companies.

The conference discussed the following topics:

    Tachographs in Russian laws.
    Organization and control of "Rostransnadzor" and police for vehicles equipped with tachographs.
    Reviews of tachograph ATOL Drive 5.
    Integration with various monitoring systems - activation, calibration and other features of tachograph ATOL Drive 5.
    Affiliate Program "ATOL DRIVE" and special conditions of work for 2014.

Company "ATOL DRIVE" in 2014 started production and sales of tachograph "Drive 5" which meets the requirements of Russian legislation and  is included in the list of tachographs that are allowed by the "FBU Rosavtotrans". "Drive 5" has broad capabilities and an open platform for building integrated solutions with GLONASS - equipment from different monitoring systems. Our experts discussed the details of the integration of specialized tracker series "AUTOLINE" in the design of tachograph "Drive 5" in removable format "module - box." Using such an integrated end-user product "Drive 5" + "AUTOLINE" will provide a number of advantages, the main one of which - the installation of one device with two functions. Customer installed this package, along with the obligatory control functions work and leisure of drivers can use all the features of satellite monitoring device (control location, level and fuel consumption, temperature and pressure in the tires, axle load, etc).

Now the final debugging of device is in process.

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