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Integration of weighing system «PEGASUS-2» in «TRUCK-CONTROL» service

Dear friends,
Currently engineers of "R&D Group" ltd. have carried out onboard weighing system integration «PEGASUS-2» of «Dinamica Generale»(Italy) in Loader satellite system of Glonass / GPS vehicle monitoring« TRUCK-CONTROL.RU ». Interoperability will allow owners of quarries and shipping sites remotely retrieve, analyze and archive information on the amount of goods shipped (kg and m3) with their distribution by type (sand, gravel, clay, etc.), names of customers and time shipments. During June 2014 debugging of component interaction and information display systems will be carried out. Interested companies can learn the characteristics of systems upon request and get a password to enter the cabinet displaying real-loader «Caterpillar 988H», working at one of the quarries in Karelia. Customers are available the same individual system components (weighing system «PEGASUS-2," GLONASS / GPS monitoring equipment «AUTOLINE»).

Pegasus CAT988 Autoline
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