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Personal monitoring

What could be more expensive than the safety of our nearest and dearest?

Personal Trackers are widely used to control the position of children, the elderly and people with poor memory function. To know where your child or an elderly parent, just give them a tiny device – personal tracker – and you would know at any time where he is.

Tracker determines their position and coordinates of a person with the satellite monitoring system «VIP-CONTROL» up to 5 meters, which are displayed in real time on a personal page on our site. Thus, you have the ability to control the safety of your loved ones, as well as receive various reports, at any time, from anywhere in the world, having only access to the Internet or a mobile phone, sending a SMS request.
Moreover, almost every tracker has the ability to send alarm. In an emergency, your relative or a friend should just press a single button. At that moment, you will be sent an SOS message indicating the exact coordinates of finding device.

Personal Trackers are easy to handle: they are small and have a light ergonomic body is easy to carry in your pocket.

Using personal tracker for the protection of their loved ones, you surround them with care and get confidence in their safety!

Personal Tracker can be used effectively in business to monitor the location of staff working away from the office, or whose work is connected with traveling. With this device, your employees will always be connected, at any time, you can determine their exact location, trace route, delay and prevent unauthorized deviation from the route.

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