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The structure and operation scheme

Multifunctional Satellite monitoring system «TRUCK-CONTROL»

Integrated monitoring system «TRUCK-CONTROL» allows you to monitor and transmit via GPRS to the Internet portal parameters of various mobile and stationary objects, 24 hours a day. Using password, registered users vehicles can control their vehicles from their computer or PDA with Internet access. All data is transmitted by a modem, mounted on a vehicle or a stationary object of special equipment: tracker collects and processes data from various sensors which measure parameters of the system. The majority of these control systems has found their application in the monitoring of different types of transport, however, recently, the share of monitoring systems for static objects and automatic control systems or energy metering (AMR) with the use of such devices is growing steadily.
Let us introduce our system. The basic set of transport monitoring system consists of an electronic module tracker and GSM / GPS antennas. The system is complemented by the various subsystems and individual sensors on request.
In accordance with the sphere of application, trackers, produced by our company have special characteristics and names:


Trackers are made in shielded metal to prevent interferences and have necessary mounting holes, allowing to install modem practically everywhere. The system provides smooth operation of all the components in terms of the critical temperatures and excessive vibration. Tracker module connects directly to the on-board power supply system of the vehicle and has a non-volatile memory (built-in power supply). To transmit data at least two channels of mobile communication (SMS, GPRS) are used. Transmission through CSD protocol is also possible.


The coverage area of the system is similar to the coverage area of leading Russian and foreign GSM-operators. Mapping service: Google Maps, Yandex, eAtlas and other companies, including vector and satellite maps of the world and more than 75 cities in Russia with detailed mapping.

The structure of the system


Industry solutions using the «TRUCK-CONTROL» system
  • «AUTO-LINE» – GPS / GLONASS tracker for automobiles/mototransport:
  • «AVIA-LINE» – GPS / GLONASS tracker for aircraft:
  • «AQUA-LINE» – GPS / GLONASS tracker for water transport
  • Personal GPS tracker:
  • Modem «Resources»
  • GSM-alarm «House»

Our experts are ready to consider the technical requirements of your company and develop equipment to outfit special transport electronic monitoring systems and solutions for you.
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System features

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